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For many people, losing weight is an uphill and difficult struggle. There are so many pills, fad diets and extreme exercise programs, and they all promise remarkable, yet unrealistic results. Here at Weigh To Health in Asheville, we want to help you lose weight in a manner that is safe and effective. We understand the difficulties that you face when attempting to slim down, and we strive to remain compassionate and caring at all times. At our weight-loss clinic, you will finally be able to achieve the following goals:
  • Reduce your risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes
  • Fit into your old clothes
  • Boost your level of confidence
  • Learn how to start and maintain an active lifestyle
  • Get hCG injections
Our weight-loss program, designed by an established physician, will lead you on a journey that does not involve starvation or unattainable goals.
Unlike other locations, our weight-loss clinic is actually run by trained medical professionals. Our physicians, Dr. Clinton and Dr. Clemenzi, believe that one must make sensible choices when it comes to losing weight and focus on developing permanently healthier habits. Our program eliminates all the guesswork and shows you how to choose the right types of foods based on your health conditions and fitness goals. Throughout its course, our staff will emphasize the importance of dietary patterns, exercise and safety, so you can finally get the results that you want and deserve.
If you are ready to change the way you look, think and feel, Weigh To Health is ready to help you transform your body. We take a very personal approach to weight loss, and our staff will remain by your side every step of the way. Contact our clinic in Asheville today at 828-350-1235.
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