The cost of the first office visit averages between $140 and $150, which includes $80 for the initial office visit, a one-month supply of the prescribed appetite suppressant and one month of injections (at the rate of one injection a week).
The prescription appetite suppressants, and the hCG and Vitamin B-12 injections are optional, so the cost of each visit is determined by what you decide to do. If you want appetite suppressants, the doctor will talk with you and decide which will work best for you. The cost of appetite suppressants ranges from $30-$40 for a month. If you decide to try hCG the cost depends on how many times you want to use each week. The dosage in each syringe is 50 IU's.
The number of hCG injections you have per week is up to you.
The injections can be taken at home or you may come to the office to receive them.
The vitamin B-12 injection is available for $10.
We offer optional labs for $40.
The monthly follow-up visits average between $105 and $115, which includes $45 for the office visit, a one-month supply of injections (at the rate of one injection per week) and appetite suppressants. Again, the vitamin B-12 injection is an additional $10 if you elect to have one. Follow-up visits take about 15 minutes.
In order to keep our prices low, we do not accept insurance but we can provide you with a receipt you can file with your insurance company.

Most health care savings accounts can be used. Compare our prices with other clinics and you will see how affordable we are!
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One injection per week (Four syringes)


Four injections per week (16 syringes)


Two injections per week (Eight syringes)


Five injections per week (20 syringes)


Three injections per week (12 syringes)


Seven injections per week (28 syringes)